Hot press laminator and Laminator Mould

Hot Press Laminator

The function of a laminating press is to bond layered materials together to create a stronger material than the original. Typically this is done to achieve a cosmetic or performance aspect to the face for commercial or industrial use. Many laminating processes involve coating a film, textile, plastic, metal, wood, or other porous or non-porous substrate with a surface to strengthen it to be used for a much broader range of purposes.

Laminator Mould

For application of SCP, HPL, mould door skin, wood pattern and other design need to be present on the board surface. Stainless steel after hard chrome galvanized with varies pattern and different effect. Like high glossy, matt, suede and embossment. Press plate after treatment, Rockwese Hardness(HRC)at 43-48, thickness at 2.5-3-5-50-60mm (hpl-hpl-scp-door skin mould-door skin mould), lifecycle over 150,000 sheets of pressing.